Rotary's top priority in fighting disease is the eradication of polio, but Rotary also supports many activities that reduce the causes and effects of other diseases through education and equipping communities to help stop the spread of life-threatening diseases like HIV/AIDS and malaria, strengthening health care systems, expanding medical services, provision of medical equipment, and improving access to health services.  


In response to the Coronavirus pandemic, Rotary has undertaken projects to assist health authorities communicate lifesaving information about COVID-19 and has donated protective gear and other supplies to clinics and hospitals.


Other Rotary projects undertaken in the fight against disease have included setting up temporary clinics, blood donation centres, training facilities and the development of infrastructure that allows doctors, patients and governments to work together to achieve improved health outcomes.


The Rotary Foundation supports activities within the scope of disease prevention and treatment area of focus in the following ways:


Prevention and Control of Communicable Diseases – including:

  • Educating community members and health care professionals on strategies for preventing disease transmission
  • Providing equipment specifically for health care services in remote populations
  • Supplying medical equipment to health care facilities
  • Systems to help track and monitor diagnosis and treatments
  • Preventing and controlling illnesses transmitted by mosquitoes and other vectors
  • Addressing environmental hazards related to infection and disease containment

Prevention and Control of Noncommunicable Diseases – including:

  • Offering prevention and treatment services for physical and mental illnesses
  • Developing community education and early screening and treatment programs
  • Supplying medical equipment to health care facilities, including to remote populations
  • Providing lifesaving surgeries and surgeries to address congenital problems

Projects funded through the Rotary Foundation are:

  • Sustainable,
  • Measurable, and
  • Community Driven