Nov 16, 2018
David Karnofel

...referred by Mike Moore...

Dave Karnofel

Vistage Chair | CEO Advisory Boards ► Coaching Small and Mid-Sized Business Leaders to Create Excellence

Fort Worth, Texas

I work with CEOs to make better decisions that positively affect their business, family and community. As a Chair at Vistage Worldwide, I coach and guide leaders of small and mid-sized companies to develop decision-making skills and help you work through your toughest challenges. As a result, you can become a more effective leader who:

► Inspires employees to achieve maximum performance
► Creates a stress-free work environment
► Has a fufilling personal life
► Makes a positive impact on your community

Throughout my career as a senior level executive, I've had successes, and I've faced some difficult challenges--and with those challenges, I could have benefited greatly from a Vistage advisory group in my life to help me look at my issues objectively and make better decisions.

I believe in the power of a peer group, and I'm excited to be forming a Vistage group for likeminded CEOs and business owners of small to medium-sized companies. Together with about 15 other likeminded leaders who trust and believe in one another's growth and will strive to benefit the lives of all members.

If you're interested in learning more about how Vistage can enhance your business and life, please contact me.